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Preventive fire protection for sensitive environments

Oxygen reduction systems

Oxygen reduction systems are becoming increasingly important as preventive fire prevention technology in IT and server rooms, storage environments and archives. Our tests give you the security you need.

Oxygen reduction systems are increasingly being used as preventative fire prevention technology in sensitive environments such as IT and server rooms, storage environments and archives. In contrast to traditional extinguishing systems such as sprinkler or gas extinguishing systems, which only react once the fire has already broken out, oxygen reduction systems work before the fire starts. For this reason, they play a key role in preventing fires.

High-quality testing and seamless service

Our service includes tests that not only ensure the extinguishing reliability of your oxygen reduction system, but also prove compliance with personal safety requirements. We offer you planning security and savings by combining insurance assessments with building inspections in accordance with the DGUV.

You can rely on our expertise to effectively test and optimize your oxygen reduction system. We will be happy to help you optimize your fire protection measures.