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Effective fire protection for (large) kitchens

Kitchen protection systems

Kitchen protection systems protect against dangerous fat explosions and must be subjected to special testing.

Our holistic fire protection strategy aims to prevent, detect and effectively fight fires in the event of an emergency in order to ensure safety in (large) kitchens.

Fires pose a particular risk in kitchen environments, especially due to the potential for fat explosions on contact with extinguishing water. To effectively counteract this risk, special kitchen protection systems are used that interrupt the oxygen supply and prevent re-ignition by foaming up the fat surface. These systems are subject to special testing by VdS experts to ensure the highest safety standards.

Only the combination of different elements creates a comprehensive fire protection strategy that aims to prevent, detect and, in an emergency, effectively fight fires to ensure safety in (large) kitchens. As your ideal partner, VdS is at your side with expertise and experience to develop tailor-made solutions for your fire protection needs.