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Effective fire protection for buildings and public areas

External, foam and wall hydrants

Hydrant systems are indispensable components of fire protection systems and building regulations. With a wide range of solutions, we offer reliable tapping facilities for fire department operations and the protection of buildings.

External, foam and wall hydrants (type S or type F) as well as dry risers are essential components of hydrant systems that play an important role in terms of building and fire protection legislation. These non-automatic fire extinguishing systems serve as extraction facilities for the fire department and are crucial for the prevention of fires in buildings and public areas.

The variety of applicable standards and regulations for hydrant systems is impressive and ranges from planning and installation principles such as DIN 14462 to component standards such as DIN 14461, DIN 14463 and DIN EN 671. In addition, regulations in the drinking water sector such as DIN 1988 and DIN EN 1717 as well as the Drinking Water Ordinance and DVGW documents are of great importance.

Our hydrant systems offer a wide range of solutions that meet the requirements of a wide variety of buildings and environments. Rely on our expertise in fire protection to provide reliable tapping facilities and ensure the safety of your facilities.