VdS-Schadenverhuetung Technische Pruefstelle

Professional assessment and certified safety

Foam extinguishing systems for optimum fire protection

From planning support to regular inspections, we offer professional assessment and certified safety for your specific requirements.

Foam extinguishing systems are an essential part of modern fire protection, especially in areas where conventional extinguishing agents are not sufficient. Our experts have extensive experience in testing foam extinguishing systems and specialize in meeting individual fire protection requirements.

Fixed, automatic foam extinguishing systems are designed to detect and extinguish a fire as early as possible or to bring the fire under control. They are used for risks where other extinguishing agents, such as pure water, have insufficient or no extinguishing effectiveness, or where the use of foam concentrate or extinguishing foam is expected to achieve better extinguishing results.

Classic areas of application in which foam concentrate is added to water extinguishing systems according to VdS 2109 or VdS CEA 4001 or extinguishing foam is used in foam extinguishing systems according to VdS 2108, depending on the protection concept, are hazardous substances, flammable liquids, plastics and tires.

Your foam extinguishing system in professional hands

Our services include planning support during the planning phase, initial tests to check the installation and functionality, as well as regular repeat tests to ensure that the system is ready for use at all times. The tests are carried out in accordance with VdS guidelines as well as national and international regulations such as DIN EN 13565-2, NFPA 11 and FM regulations.

We also offer innovative solutions through the Technical Inspection Body's product management, including the testing and certification of new protection concepts and the testing and certification of fluorine-free foam agents in cooperation with the water extinguishing laboratory in accordance with VdS 3124 and VdS 3896. You can rely on our many years of experience and expertise to ensure optimum fire protection for your specific requirements. The Technical Inspection Body is your reliable partner for professional assessment and certified safety.