VdS-Schadenverhuetung Technische Pruefstelle

Schlüsselkomponenten für einen lückenlosen Brandschutz

Conveyor system closures

Fire protection closures along rail-bound conveyor systems are essential for complete fire protection.

VdS not only tests hold-open systems, but also offers comprehensive inspections for fire protection closures to the highest standard.

Fire barriers play a crucial role as part of a comprehensive fire protection concept along rail-bound conveyor systems. These closures, including self-closing doors, flaps and curtains, are designed to prevent the passage of fire and smoke through openings in walls and ceilings for a defined period of time. The self-closing function is a key feature of these closures.

Fire protection closures often have to be kept open for operation, which is why hold-open systems are used for the controlled deactivation of these self-closing mechanisms. VdS Schadenverhütung, as one of the monitoring bodies recognized under building law, is authorized to test hold-open systems along rail-bound conveyor systems after installation. On request, we also offer comprehensive tests for fire protection closures to ensure the highest safety standards and seamless fire protection.