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Fire protection with environmentally friendly technology

Aerosol fire extinguishing systems

Aerosol fire extinguishing systems fight fires by precisely distributing gases and particles and are extremely environmentally friendly. With VdS inspections and combined insurance assessments, we offer you the safety and planning security you need.

Aerosol fire extinguishing systems are an innovative addition to classic extinguishing systems, as they rely on the precise distribution of gases and solid or liquid particles to fight fires efficiently. The special aerosol extinguishing agent is created by the targeted combustion of a solid in the generators and consists of fine potassium carbonate particles that are around one micrometer in size.

The decisive advantage of this technology lies in its environmental friendliness, as the central element of the aerosol, potassium hydrogen carbonate, is converted into water and carbon dioxide at around 50 degrees Celsius, leaving behind pure potassium carbonate, which is considered harmless and is even approved as a food additive.

With VdS you secure clearly defined advantages

Our service includes VdS tests that not only ensure the extinguishing reliability of your aerosol fire extinguishing system, but also prove that it meets personal protection requirements. We offer you planning security and savings by combining insurance assessments with building inspections in accordance with DGUV.

You can rely on our expertise to effectively test and optimize your aerosol fire extinguishing system. Thanks to our worldwide practical experience and VdS's own laboratories, we are always at the cutting edge of technology and react flexibly to market developments. Contact us to find out more about our services in the field of aerosol fire extinguishing systems and to optimize your fire protection measures.