VdS-Schadenverhuetung Technische Pruefstelle

Secure your business for the long term

Repeat examinations

Repeat inspections ensure that your fire protection system continues to operate smoothly, improving safety in your company. 

Periodic inspections are an essential part of risk management for any company. By regularly inspecting your fire protection systems, you ensure that they continue to work effectively and meet current requirements. Changes in the operating environment, such as changes in the use of buildings or the conversion to other materials, can affect the effectiveness of your systems. This is why it is crucial to have regular periodic inspections carried out by qualified VdS experts in addition to the initial inspection.

Our periodic inspections not only meet the insurance requirements, but also the official building regulations. We offer you the option of carrying out both inspections in combination, which minimizes costs and effort. In addition, you can use your company's interest in safety to create trust with customers and business partners and strengthen safety as a sales argument. Benefit from additional savings and minimized effort - with the proven quality of VdS.