VdS-Schadenverhuetung Technische Pruefstelle

An important step for your industrial or commercial property

Initial inspections (acceptances)

Our experts ensure that all legal and insurance requirements are precisely tailored to your protected property and that the protection objectives of your fire protection system are met.

The initial inspection of an installed fire protection system is a crucial step for the safe operation of your industrial or commercial property. In addition to fulfilling legal and insurance requirements, the system must also meet the specific requirements of the protected object. These include, for example, the adequate dimensioning of the extinguishing agent quantity and the smooth interaction of all components.

Our experienced specialists at VdS ensure that all aspects are thoroughly checked and comprehensively documented in the test report. This report not only serves as the basis for the insurance assessment, but also as proof of compliance with building regulations. For gas extinguishing systems in particular, the VdS test report is essential proof for the required expert inspections in accordance with the guidelines of the trade associations.

Through this careful combination of tests, we offer our customers considerable added value. Not only are potential risks identified and eliminated at an early stage, but costs and time are also saved as the systems meet the highest safety standards right from the start.