VdS-Schadenverhuetung Technische Pruefstelle

Interaction of structural systems

The active principle test method

The active principle test (WPP) is a stress test for buildings and technical systems. This test goes far beyond the requirements of building regulations.

The focus of the active principle test (WPP) is an analysis of the smooth interaction of all systems, including non-electrical components, under special conditions such as fire or a simulated power failure (full test in conjunction with the Schwarz circuit).

This procedure is a useful addition to the tests required by building regulations anyway, as the focus is on the behavior of the entire building or the entire technical building equipment (TBE). This enables us to take a practical look at the interplay of all trades within a building.

Operators in particular benefit from the active principle test

The scope of the inspection includes the development of corresponding scenarios in accordance with building law requirements, the coordination of appointments with all experts and specialists involved, the execution of the inspection by leading experts and the preparation of a comprehensive inspection report. The WPP provides operators with complete security and enables them to identify and rectify potential weak points at an early stage.