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Optimum detection: Revolutionary method for safe gas extinguishing systems

Door fan test

The Door Fan Test (DFT) increases the effectiveness of gas extinguishing systems by enabling precise room tightness tests. With this pioneering technology, you can ensure a reliable extinguishing gas concentration in critical areas.

Gas extinguishing systems are essential for fire protection in companies, but their effectiveness depends largely on the tightness of the protected rooms. However, ageing processes and external influences can cause leaks that impair the effectiveness of the system and can have serious consequences in an emergency.

This is where the Door Fan Test method (DFT) comes in, a pioneering technology for precise room tightness tests in gas extinguishing systems. The DFT is purely metrological, without the use of extinguishing gas and without risk to people or the room contents. A blower is used to alternately generate a slight positive and negative pressure in the room to be tested, while the required volume flows are measured and analyzed.

By carrying out door fan tests, potential leaks can be detected and rectified to ensure the effectiveness of the gas extinguishing system. In accordance with the VdS guidelines, the initial test is carried out by experts from the VdS Schadenverhütung technical testing centers, while recurring tests can be carried out by recognized companies in accordance with the VdS 3876 guideline.

Invest in the safety of your company and use the Door Fan Test method to optimize the effectiveness of your gas extinguishing systems and minimize risks.