VdS-Schadenverhuetung Technische Pruefstelle

Calculation security for insurers

It is crucial for the protection of material assets that a reliable and effective fire protection system is installed and operated properly.

As an independent testing institution, it is our job to test companies' fire protection systems and ensure that they meet the highest safety standards. In addition to the requirements of the legislator, which usually focuses on the protection of persons, insurers must also place a strong emphasis on material assets when assessing fire protection risks in order to be able to offer companies appropriate insurance cover.

As a testing institution, we are responsible for reconciling the requirements of both sides and ensuring that fire protection systems protect both people and property. Our customers can draw on decades of expertise, as we are a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV e.V.) and are very familiar with the requirements of insurance companies.

Our inspections are systematic and thorough to ensure that the fire protection system meets the highest standards. As well as inspecting the installation and operation of the system, we also advise companies on choosing the right fire protection system to meet the specific requirements of their business.

Our aim is to create an optimum balance between safety and economy by helping companies to operate an effective fire protection system that is also cost effective. We are proud that companies rely on our expertise and experience and that we can help ensure the safety of people and property.