VdS-Schadenverhuetung Technische Pruefstelle

We are as international as our clients.

Regardless of where your fire protection system is located and on which test basis the acceptance is carried out: We have the right infrastructure and provide you with reliable and competent on-site support.

In addition to the recognized VdS guidelines, our tests are also based on national and international standards. We are therefore also able to test systems that have been installed on the basis of other regulations. VdS is also present in all relevant national and international committees and actively participates in the development of regulations.

The VdS guidelines therefore also cover the international EN or ISO standards and in many cases set a benchmark in the field of fire protection. When drafting the guidelines, we react to current technological developments at an early stage and also take into account hazards that arise, for example, from the networking of fire protection technology components and systems.

All in all, our services in the field of fire protection make a significant contribution to making companies safer.