VdS-Schadenverhuetung Technische Pruefstelle

Voice alarm systems

Voice-operated alarm systems are becoming increasingly more important because, after a fire has been detected, they can also guide people who are unfamiliar with the location, e.g. in shopping arcades and department stores, to safety by means of targeted announcements. Voice alarms enable various automatic messages and situation-dependent live announcements by security personnel or the fire department in all affected areas.

This means that voice alarm systems that are controlled by a fire alarm system belong to the alarm systems of hazard detection technology. They are therefore part of the technical systems and equipment in accordance with building regulations.

Here too, VdS supports the operators as usual quickly and reliably in meeting all requirements. In addition to the necessary tests at the voice alarm centre, our engineers measure, among other things, the speech intelligibility and relevant acoustic parameters in the alarm areas. In this way it can be proven at any time that the voice alarm system reaches all persons in the building.