VdS-Schadenverhuetung Technische Pruefstelle

Smoke test for critical fire alarm project planning

In high rooms such as production halls, atriums or airport terminals as well as in server rooms with a high air exchange rate, smoke may be detected too late. In these critical environments, VdS determines the optimal project planning of smoke detectors using a smoke generator developed in-house.

The generator produces test smoke by pyrolysis. Even under unfavourable conditions, the compact device produces enough smoke for reliable on-site testing with very small amounts of fire detectors. The smoke produced by the generator corresponds to the smoke in a real fire - without significant heat development or smell of fire. There is also no contamination of rooms or furnishings.

Measuring equipment or other devices that disturb the operating procedures are not required. We have attached particular importance to the compactness and weight reduction of the smoke generator in order to be able to work in places that are difficult to access. This offers the certainty that the fire alarm system will reliably alarm even in the most complex project planning.