VdS-Schadenverhuetung Technische Pruefstelle

Initial inspections (acceptance tests)

The initial inspection of a newly installed fire protection system means a thorough examination of the system.

  • Does the scope of protection comply with the legal and insurance requirements?
  • Is the quantity of extinguishing agent sufficiently measured and adapted to the existing object of protection?
  • Is the functional interaction of the components ensured?

These are just a few questions from an extensive catalogue which are used for the initial test and then summarised in the VdS test report. The test report is not only the basis for an assessment by the insurers - the specialists of the Technical Inspection Services can also assess the quality of your fire prevention and protection systems in accordance with the respective building regulations. In the case of gas extinguishing systems, the VdS test report also serves as proof of the expert tests required in accordance with the guidelines of the professional associations.

This combination of tests offers our customers great added value and saves costs and time.