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Fire prevention and protection systems for special applications

Special extinguishing systems are systems for special applications.

Examples are spark extinguishing systems and extinguishing systems for kitchen protection.

Spark extinguishing systems

Sparks are a "burning problem" in pneumatic extraction and conveying systems, e.g. in wood processing and in companies in the textile, food, feed, leather, rubber and chemical industries.

Caused by processing machines, sparks quickly reach downstream plant components via the pneumatic conveying lines. Here they can cause smouldering fires, which can quickly develop unnoticed into large fires or dust explosions. 

Spark extinguishing systems offer reliable protection: ignitable sparks are already detected in the conveying line thanks to special detectors and are extinguished precisely by extinguishing nozzles. These fire protection systems must of course also be checked regularly for their functionality and extinguishing effectiveness to ensure your optimum protection.

Kitchen safety equipment

In case of kitchen fires, contact with extinguishing water can cause a fat explosion. For this reason, special extinguishing agents are used which, by foaming on the fat surface, prevent the supply of oxygen and a re-ignition.

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