VdS Schadenverhuetung Zertifikate





Novar GmbH

Johannes-Mauthe-Straße 14
DE 72458 Albstadt
Telefon 07431/801-0
fax 07431/801-1220

EN 50136-2:2013, Requirements for Supervised Premises Transceiver (SPT)
VdS 2110:2017-09, Protection against environmental influences
VdS 2203:2001-03 - Software
VdS 2344:2014-07, Procedure for the testing, approval and certification of products and systems for fire protection and security technologies
VdS 2463:2019-04, Transmission equipment for alarm signals
VdS 2465-1:2018-04, Transmission protocol for alarm Systems
VdS 2465-2:2018-02, Transmission protocol for alarm Systems messages via TCP/IP transmission procedure and protocol procedure
VdS 2465-3:2018-02, Transmission protocol for alarm Systems messages via TCP/IP general block structure and sentence type descriptions
VdS 2471-S1:2015-06, Transmission paths in Alarm Transmission Systems (ATS)

Systems, devices and components of electronic security technology
MB-Secure 1000/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000 (013820-70)
Alarm transmission equipment

Technical product data:
Connection type according to VdS 2471-S1Transmission categoryVdS securIPCompliant with VdS 2311
A13, A15SP6, DP4ja, ab Firmware 10.23ja

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