VdS Conference

Fire Protection Systems

VdS loss experiences and know-how in the field of loss prevention are reflected in the VdS rules and data sheets. The VdS set of rules fills the gaps in other technical rules or focuses on recently detected risks which are not yet covered in the standards or other technical documentation.

International guidelines and standards as well as the globalization of markets have a growing impact on the design of fire extinguishing systems.  Speakers from industry and fire protection organizations will present an overview on current technology and developments as well as numerous solutions that are taken from practical experience.

Target Groups

This VdS conference is a forum of information for planners, installers and users of fire extinguishing systems as well as for fire engineers and fire officers in industry, administration and service providing companies, for the loss prevention officers of the insurance industry as well as for all parties dealing with matters of fire protection.

Conference Languages

English and Romanian (simultaneous Translation).


      The contents of the conference will be available for you shortly.